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VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds)With the continuing need for printers to monitor and reduce the amount of VOC’s they emit into the environment Abr. van der Drift B.V. is proud to offer a full range of VOC-free Fount Solutions. 

Chembiotech were instructed by Chemtec Solutions Ltd to independently assess the total VOC content

of their proprietary Velociter Fount (CTF304) product, which is supplied to the printing industry, to

prove or disprove their belief that it is ‘VOC-free’ based upon its formulation.

The VOC Solvents Directive (which applies to inks, paints and coatings) defines a VOC as:

 ‘any organic compound having, at 293.15 K (20 C), a vapour pressure of 0.01 kPa (10 Pa, 0.075 mmHg) or more, or having a corresponding volatility under the particular conditions of use.’

In conclusion, it is the considered opinion of Chembiotech that Chemtec Solutions Ltd proprietary Velociter Fount (CTF304) is therefore correctly described as a VOC-free formulation.


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